Founded by Jimmy Fox and his wife in 1953, Linda Mar Hardware, Inc. opened up a small shop in the Linda Mar shopping center 4 years before the city of Pacifica was incorporated. The reputation for excellent service was imbedded in the character of the store from the beginning as Mr. Fox kept detailed notes about what kind of construction and fixtures were being installed in the new boom of housing surrounding the store, as well as the related repair parts that would be needed in the future. When the Fox family retired in late 1960s, business partners Daniel Uriarte & Paul Fukami took over and expanded the availability of product by joining the Ace Hardware co-operative and becoming one of the very first Ace Hardware stores on the west coast. Having passed through the hands of two absentee owners through the late 1970s, the struggling store went through a period of turmoil before being acquired in 1981 by Dean Gridley. Mr. Gridley got right to work cleaning up the stale selection of product, improving the quality of goods available and reinstating the level of service that the business was noted for in its early days. Although an additional section of the shopping center was rented to install a live goods nursery, it was obvious that growth would be limited by the space available. In 1991, the store was moved across Highway 1 to the abandoned and decrepit Yount Dodge property on Pedro Point. Through the 1990s, the business grew in every category. After the building was improved and enlarged, a larger, full-service live goods nursery was built, then a complete lumber & building materials yard was added. These improvements led to the 3rd company name change, becoming Linda Mar Ace Home Center in 2000.



In 2001, Dean Gridley sold the business to long-time General Manager & local residents, Dave Reed and his wife, Sue, who remain the current owners. The long tradition of legendary service and continual improvement is alive and well, most recently with our complete remodel in 2010. Improvement of the lighting and displays, and the addition of more aisles enabled space for over 5,000 new items. With more than 40,000 products in stock, and another 60,000+ available quickly through our network of over 1,000 suppliers and manufacturers, there is no need to suffer the misery of trudging through a big box to find what you need to get your project done. We’re proud of our long-standing and high-quality partnership with our community. We’ve been recognized by the City of Pacifica, the Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, Ace Hardware Corp and many local service groups with multiple awards. Legendary Service is what we do – we plan on delivering consistently on that promise for many years to come.